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Croatian-based Ghanaian is new 2x world record holder for balancing objects

A Croatian-based Ghanaian, Hayford Okine has been awarded the new Guinness World Records holder for balancing objects.

He was awarded the balancing record after he covered a record distance on a hoverboard on the set of Lo Show Dei Record in Milan, Italy.

Hayford balanced ten glasses on a knife he held with his mouth over 30 metres (98.42ft) in January.  Prior to this new record, Hayford broke his own record set in the same month after he covered 20 metres (61.65 ft) of balancing on a hoverboard in Croatia in January this year.

Hayford’s ability to defy gravity has cemented his status as the ‘King of Balance’ and now holds multiple world records for balancing objects.

He has two new Guinness World Records in addition to his previous record obtained in 2021 for balancing sixteen steel chairs on his chin in ten seconds.

Hayford begun his talent in Ghana where he was born before travelling to China for five years where he’s believed to have upped his talent. He moved to Croatia four years ago where is now permanently based.

The ‘King of Balance’ has been to many talent shows in Europe – Italy, Germany, France, Slovakia, Greece, Spain and other countries.

His performance at the ‘Bulgaria’s Got Talent’ on May 9, 2021 truly showcased his exceptional skill and drew the world’s attention to his talent.

Performing in front of four judges and a large audience, he received a standing ovation during the show, and set his first Guinness World Record after balancing 16 steel chairs on his chin for ten seconds.

Credit: 3news



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