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WATCH: "My Wife Knows I Am A Bad Boy" - Kennedy Agyapong (Video)

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central Constituency, Kennedy Agyapong has revealed despite his love and affection for his wife and children, his better half knows that he is still a bad boy.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station, Kennedy Agyapong said "I get a lot of temptation but some women rush on you. When you do that I panic. Sometimes they don't play their games well. They like this and rush that. You meet a woman and today today, she needs money from you, I will dawg you right there. It means you are not coming with the good motive"

He added some women are good at pretending and being submissive all in the quest to achieve their target.

"Some women pretend and can be very submissive but well, you know, that time that you are reducing my pressure for me, even if I give you $100,000, I don't care because you have reduced my pressure.

"Younger boys competing about what? Look, I have sacrificed my life. Look, when I was young, the girls did not like me, okay. Those who were going round chasing girls, Wesley Girls, Holy Child, now the girls don't like them. Now, I don't even need to talk and the money can command" he hinted.

The Legislator further added that there is no hundred percent love among lovers adding 'odo kakra sika kakra'.

"So me, if you don't love me and you pretend to and get what you want and my pressure goes down, so what! My wife, she knows that I am a bad boy but she has no say" he added

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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