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WATCH: Ghanaians React To Martin Amidu's Resignation (VIDEOS)

Some scores of Ghanaians have expressed mixed reactions over the resignation of the country's Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

According to the section who spoke to Think Tv, Martin Amidu's resignation comes as a big blow to the nation as it was the last thing expected of him.

In an exclusive interview with ThinkTv, Khadijah Opoku Amankwah said "I heard he has resigned due to some payment issue but I think we are in the election year and his resignation in this moment is not necessary"

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She added that although the Special Prosecutor has exhibited enough competence, he bowing out was the least expected from him.

"I don't think so, it is just an appointment so I was expecting him to do the best of his work"

Bro. Kwesi said "I find his resignation as unfortunate because he took the office not too long and we all thought that he is going to do a good job for the nation so if you have any problems, then you really have to find a way to resolve it than to resign. We had faith in him when he took the position of Special Prosecutor"

He added the Special Prosecutor should have worked with the little he has adding that the excuses surrounding the resignation are not tangible.

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"I may say the Rawlings factor is dawning on him because Rawlings has been someone he often spoke about because he faced the corruption issue. He was trying to fight it. I think, its dawn on him because he feels no one is backing him. He was a solid man prior to his appointment and I was not expecting him to change"

He also hinted that the resignation leaves Ghanaians to wonder whether the leaders can fight against corruption.

"With Mahama, this is why I was not expecting him to resign. He took a fight with him so why resign because the world was waiting to see what will happen after the elections but today, he is nowhere to be found. We all know that corruption is in the system but Martin should have stood on his grounds" he added.

Auntie Rebecca, a resident at Swanlake said "I heard of his resignation this morning but I was not surprised at his resignation but he must still tell us what really led to the resignation"

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She added that the resignation will go in a way to affect the country's election adding his work as the Special Prosecutor was in a way helping to fish out corrupt government officials

"If I am to rate him, he will not even score 5 out of 10. I feel, he lost it from the on-set so I am not surprised" she mentioned.

Kappa, another resident in Swanlake revealed that the resignation came as a surprise to him adding that he was not expecting Martin Amidu to put down his tool in the wake of the elections.

"We are about to vote, we also have a former President in the morgue, so why resign? He should have been on the Government's neck to get his logistics. Giving up at this hour is really strange" he said.

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Sharing his view, Mr. Danso explained that he cannot come to terms with the resignation.

"He should have not allowed the Government to interfere in his work because he was not serving the interest of Government but Ghanaians. This is a crucial moment and I will love for him to come out clear with us with his leaving of office"

Mr. Danso also quizzed Martin Amidu saying if indeed he was not paid, what stopped him from asking for his salary and that of his deputy.

I will rate Martin Amidu 3%.

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Watch interviews below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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