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WAEC Introduces Additional Padlocks To Enhance WASSCE Security

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) continues to enhance the security and sanctity of its examinations to make them malpractice-free.

Currently, the West Africa Senior Schools Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is ongoing, having started on Monday, August 1.

Addressing journalists on Monday, August 22 the conduct of the exams so far, the Head of Public Affairs of the Council, Agnes Teye Cudjoe, said additional depots will be set up for very confidential materials to ensure the sanctity of the question paper packs.

These depots are said to be under 24-hour guard by personnel from the Ghana Police Service.

Aside that number combination padlocks will be added to the ordinary padlocks and the codes will only be released a few minutes to dispatch.

“The Council has put in place a number of measures to guarantee test security,” she said.

“These include collaboration with the National Intelligence Bureau, NIB, to monitor the printing of question papers, working closely with a number of security agencies to track and arrest dealers and operators of rogue websites, inspection of all depots nationwide and depots that needed further fortification have been duly attended to"

“Serialisation of some question papers, movement of question papers from strong rooms to depots in batches, creation of additional depots for the storage of confidential materials to ensure that the depots are located close to schools to prevent the situation where schools start late or question papers are released to them early, use of number combination padlocks in addition to ordinary padlocks for all security bags containing question paper packets and these combination padlocks you cannot open them unless the codes are sent to the depot keepers.”




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