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Ursula Owusu Touches On Collins Dauda's ‘Parliament Attack’

“A lot happened on January 7, 2021 and none of us can proud of. We entered the chamber and no seat was labeled and nobody had an idea of where to sit. In my estimation, it was supposed to be free sitting and anybody could seat anywhere. Incidentally, that was the same seat I was seated on in the house on the same day. As I sat on my seat, Collins Dauda kept asking me what are you doing here? get up and leave. Since I didn’t see anybody’s name on a seat and anybody can seat anywhere? “I was sitting here when the Member of Parliament of Ashaiman MP in the company of several other gentlemen walked up; I understand that my inference to his earlier comment and the unprovoked assault on him at the time were not linked but the chair was pulled from me and I fell on my knees and so when I got up, instinctively I made a conclusion that he (Collins Dauda) have colluded with the gentleman who did that and I said if you won’t allow me to sit on my chair then I won’t allow you sit on that chair. I am not justifying what happened but the event of January 7, 2021, got out of hands and I have apologized to Collins Dauda and I’m yet to get an apology from Ernest Norgbey who pushed the chair from under me.” She explained.

Credit: Ghanaweb



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