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United GaDangme Caucus receives blessings from Gbobu Wulomo

National Executives of the United GaDangme Caucus has called on the Gbobu Wulomo, Numo Gbobu to inform him of the group’s activities and to ask for his personal support and divine prayers.

According to the National Executives, calling on the Gbobu Wulomo was a step in the right direction physically and spiritually.

The National Executives asked Numo Gbobu to pray for the realisation of the Association’s vision and mission that the good message of the caucus will find favour and be acceptable to all GaDangme people.

They also asked for prayers for the leadership of the caucus for good health, strength and wisdom to lead the caucus to greater heights.

In addition, prayers for the caucus to grow from strength to strength, to inspire confidence and help promote, protect and defend the interests of all GaDangme people.

The sympathetic cause of the United GaDangme Caucus appealed to Nuno Gbobu to pray for John Mahama and all NDC parliamentary candidates to win the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.

Numo Gbobu expressed his gladness for the visit particularly the recognition of the importance of the prayers of the Priest in the face of competition, voyage, unity and peaceful coexistence.

He advised the executives to stay focus to the cause and work with the people eschewing all forms of rancor.

It will be recalled that Numo Gbobu in private life before becoming the High Priest was an ardent football enthusiast and an executive of the NDC.

His passion to see the GaDangme people take their rightful seat at the table of national leadership is however not in doubt.

Story by: T. T. Caternor



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