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Stonebwoy Says He’s Ready To Resign At One Trillion Dollars (VIDEO)

Leader of BHIM Nation, one of the largest fanbases in Ghana, has revealed his retirement date in an exclusive with 3FM Urban Blend.

Stonebwoy disclosed that music is not going to be his forever as he will resign when his account hits $1,000,000,000,000.

Stonebwoy believes he has more to offer and bigger markets to conquer before he hangs his boots.

“I believe I have been ready, and I can get way further than this because I’m exposed to bigger heights, bigger outlooks, and I believe that just in a matter of time, we are going to hit that pinnacle where I will come back here on the radio and tell you, Yo mapo)n (I’ve ended).”

Stonebwoy further noted the day he ceases to be part of the music business.

“I will be very honest with you guys. If I make like 1 trillion dollars, I will come back here and say it’s done.

“I tell you. I’m done!”





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