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"Start Looking For Lands In My Region" - Oti Regional Minister To Investors Over Iron Ore Discovery

The Oti Regional Minister, Joshua G. Makuba has called on investors to start looking for lands in his region following the discovery of iron ore.

According to the Iron Ore discovery will help boost businesses of these investors.

Addressing Journalists in Accra on Sunday, the Regional Minister said “I want to advise people in Accra to start looking for land in the Oti Region because what is going to take Ghana from our current state to a very industrialized nation has been found. In my region, Oti Region, we have iron ore,”

The Minister also noted that the discovery of iron ore will transform the country’s economy.

He stressed that the discovery has been made in greater quantities by the Ghana Integrated Iron Ore Development Corporation in collaboration with the Geological Service Department.

Mr. Makuba hinted that the iron ore was found in the Guan, Biakoye, Jasikan, Kajebi and Krachi districts of the Oti Region.

"Mining of the iron ore has not commenced"

He further mentioned that engagements with technical persons are ongoing to ascertain the exact tonnage available in his region.

"Currently we are at a stage the technical people will call it mineral resource estimation to get the actual tonnage available on the land,” he stated.

The Oti Regional Minister pointed out that although estimation is being done to ascertain the tonnage, some private investors have already committed funds to the development of the natural resource.

Mr. Makuba on the other hand touted the government’s achievement in the Oti region after its creation.

"The Akufo-Addo government has improved the roads network system in the region while other roads are currently in the pipeline to be completed.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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