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Social Media Hails Akwadaa Nyame For Wining Talented Kids Season 12

Some scores of social media users have taken to Twitter to hail and congratulate Raymond Nyame, popularly known as Akwadaa Nyame for emerging as the winner for 2021 TV3 Talented Kids.

In series of tweets sighted by ThinkNews Online, The Asante Nation @Ashanti_Kingdom tweeted "He came, he saw, he conquered. Ahenema Kokoben born Raymond Nyame, popularly known as Akwadaa Nyame has emerged as winner for 2021 TV3 Talented Kids...... Ayekoo Akwadaawesewa Piawwwwwww. *Kumerica to the world*"

#TV3GH @tv3_ghana tweeted "He didn't just win the competition; he brought something different and unique to the show. Congratulations once again to Akwadaa Nyame. We’re super proud of you. #TV3TalentedKids"

Connect 97.1fm @Connect971fm also tweeted "Congratulations Akwadaa Nyame for winning #TV3TalentedKids Season 12. He's worked hard for it, he truly deserves it. We are super proud of you"

kholynz @kholynz__ added "Akwadaa Nyame is soo good but listen to the lyrics of the song. @AkwaboahMusic speaks wisdom in his music. EDDYBLESS FRIMPONG @Eddybless123 tweeted "Since day one, I become his fan and had no doubt he was gonna be the eventual winner. Well deserved Akwadaa Nyame #TV3TalentedKids"

#TV3GH @tv3_ghana tweeted "A young King. Akwadaa Nyame didn’t disappoint at all. A moving and special performance by all standards. #TV3TalentedKids"

Below are some embedded tweets:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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