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Sierra Leone's, Stacy Julie Collier Crowned Miss Melanin 2021 (PICS)

Twenty-year-old Sierra Leonian, Stacey Julie Collier, has won the maiden edition of Miss Melanin Africa.

The pageant, held in Ghana for 14 weeks had its finale on December 3, 2021, at the MJ Grand Hotel with models from all over the continent exhibiting prowess in beauty, style and intelligence.

1st Runner Up, Nana Ama Timaa and 2nd Runner up, Recaida Amponsah - both Ghanaians - dazzled the judges, competing head to head with Stacey Collier but eventually Collier emerged winner.

About Stacey Collier

Collier, known to her friends as the Queen of Lala Land (Sweetness) and Madam Foundation attended the Modern High School in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where she completed her secondary school education and presently at the Lancaster University Ghana studying to become an International Criminal Lawyer.

Her line of study is what inspires her in life as she aims to become the best international criminal lawyer.

She chose this career path because she believes in speaking up for the right cause and standing up for what is right by defending vulnerable people from the cruelty of the world.

In Stacey’s opinion everybody’s voice matters and should be treated with kindness and respect.

Miss Melanin Africa for her, is a place to experience and discover herself in a new light, influencing others to be whatever they choose to be by firstly feeling confident in their skin

"the idea of Miss Melanin Africa is already aligned with what had been my vision. As Miss Melanin Africa 2021, my first line of work is to empower young individuals that they can combine education with any other skill or profession they are passionate about ."

Miss Melanin is a pageant for ladies of the black race, celebrating the beauty of the dark skin. The pageant is a brainchild of AP Diverse.

Below are some pictures:




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