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PPAG holds 'community breaking of silence' workshop with residents of Mamprobi (PICS)

The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) has held a workshop dubbed 'community breaking of silence' with residents of Mamprobi in Accra.

The workshop gave residents (youths) the platform to share their grievances and challenges affecting them.

Field Officer, PPAG, Luther Dennis Nii Antieye Addy said "The youth have spoken their minds andI think the Assembly member and those in authority ought to engage them in various conversations which will help address their challenges"

"The youths spoke about the need to have a youth committee where they can channel their grievances."

Mr. Addy hinted that although the project had come to an end, he was grateful to people of Mamprobi, Latebiokorshie, Zongo Communities and Sukura for their patience and cooperation.

He also revealed that PPAG has a digital 'Yenkasa' platform and a toll free number, 0800202010 where the people could reach out for assistance.

PPAG Project Coordinator, Antoinette Da-Rocha said "It is a big worry to know that teenage pregnancy is on the high at Mamprobi. Since there is unemployment, most girls are left vulnerable and they succumb to most offers which results in teenage pregnancy"

She also cited drug abuse as one of the biggest challenges affecting most of the youths in the community.

"I am so worried that drug abuse is on the high in the community. I am hoping that much education will be given to them so they stop"

Madam Da-Rocha charged the Assembly man to build good relationships with the youth in other to push them ahead when there are job-openings.

Mamprobi Assembly Member, Joseph Kwabena Brown thanked the PPAG for holding the workshop with the youths of the community.

He added that the talk has drawn his attention to most of the challenges affecting the youths in the community.

Mr Brown assured that youth committee woukd be set up where they will be able to channel their grievances or problems.

He also thanked the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) for funding the workshop.

Resident of Mamprobi, Sylvia Kudiator thanked PPAG for the insightful workshop.

She appealed to the youths of the community to do away with laziness.

"The youths of this community are lazy. We don't like to work. We want things on a silverplatter. There is nothing like that in life. No matter the situation, we have to work hard so we can take care of ourselves and family"

The youths were charged to stop indulging in online sports betting.

A free HiV/AIDS screening was held as side attraction for participants at the workshop.

The PPAG 'Community Breaking of Silence' workshop was funded by the UNFPA and implemented by the PPAG.

The Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana (PPAG) was established in 1967 to provide family planning services to the people of Ghana.

UNFPA is an international development agency that works on population and development, sexual and reproductive health, and gender.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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