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"Persons who collapse during sex have underlying medical conditions" – Dr. Osarfo

The Medical Director at the Medicas Hospital, Dr. Yaw Osarfo has dismissed claims that one can collapse while having sex.

According to him, the phenomenon may only be possible if the person has underlying medical conditions.

Although he admits that a person may pass out while having sex, it may be as a result of other factors aside from the act.Dr. Osarfo believes, “Sex is actually a very healthy aerobic exercise.”

He made these comments in Joy Prime’s Season of Hearts series as part of activities ahead of Valentine’s Day.

“Some of my patients have asked me, ‘doctor some people have collapsed during sex, and they are having sex because they are in love, so isn’t love a risky thing?’ Well, I beg to differ. In my experience, those who have these unfortunate adverse effects during a sexual encounter, typically have underlying medical conditions that are not properly controlled, and therefore they tend to experience this sudden collapse,” he said.

Medical Director at the Medicas Hospital, Dr. Yaw Osarfo

Love is a beautiful thing, but people sometimes attribute their bad experiences with sex to it.

This has in turn stopped people from entangling themselves in relationships, as they fear the risk.

But Dr. Osarfo is encouraging individuals to work towards having a healthy relationship, advising also that partners should keep having healthy sex, as it will help keep them away from seeing the doctor.



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