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"Pay Fat Salaries To Attract Good Performances" - Public Enterprises Minister To Employers (VIDEO)

The Minister for Public Enterprises, Joseph Cudjoe is challenging employers in the country to pay good salaries to their employees in order to attract good performances.

According to him, without a good salary, no employee will work efficiently and effectively.

Addressing Journalists in Accra on Wednesday, he said "I openly declared anywhere that I am an advocate for good salaries and if this is bad, tell me that it is bad. I know that when foreign companies come here and they decide to pay good salaries to their employees, some Ghanaian HRs tell them not to pay. Good salaries helps people to cater for their need and also save"

"If someone is taking fat salary then my issue is whether the person is giving an output that reflects the salary. If the person is performing and taking good salary, I clap for the person. If the person is not performing and is not taking that good salary, you exact performance from him or her because you are paying the person"

"I am a lover of fat salaries. You can't use me to pay people bad. I always speak for people who are not paid well"

The Minister hinted that his Ministry will do everything possible to ensure that companies under performing are given the necessary support to help boost their production.

"If you pay peanuts, you will get monkeys to work with. So if public sector wants to attract competent people, then they should be willing to pay good money"

"Taxpayer's money should be subjected to evaluation"

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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