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OPINION: Dr. Obu Nyarkotey Raphael: ND As Your Prostate Cancer Planner In Ghana

So you have prostate cancer. Now what? Before you choose a treatment, read the tips below.

9 tips for choosing a treatment for prostate cancer in Ghana

1) Take a deep breath (or two), and don't panic. You need to be emotionally stable to make the best treatment choice for yourself.

2) Don't rush. Your treatment choice will be a life-changing decision. You have time.

3) Do your homework. See at least three physicians before choosing a treatment.

4) Take good notes. Better yet, bring along your spouse or any good note-taker.

5) Don't feel pressured by anyone to rush or choose a treatment.

6) Listen to your family carefully. They love you, I know. But all they hear is the “C-word,” not prostate cancer. It's easy for them to think, “Let's take it out.” Maybe surgery is your best option, maybe it's not.

7) ask your doctor whether you are a candidate for Active Surveillance. Most diagnosed prostate cancer is low-grade, which makes active surveillance a viable approach.

8) Keep a good record of your prostate cancer history, including your PSA history. Make it easy to open and print the documents as needed.

9) Hire Dr. Obu as your Prostate Cancer Planner. He will make the process simpler and clearer for you.

Dr. Obu as your Prostate Cancer Planner

Obu is a prostate cancer specialist with over 5-years of experience.

He is passionate about staying up-to-date on cutting-edge prostate cancer research. He is invited to speak about interventions for prostate cancer.

With Dr. Obu, you will know if doing nothing (or Active Surveillance) is best for you.

If you need medical treatment, he knows all the main players and can facilitate a visit both in Ghana and abroad.

Paramount of all, he doesn't do any of the medical treatments for prostate cancer. In other words, the recommendations are 100% objective and bias-free.

An organized health summary

A strategic action plan

Facilitated appointments with treatment experts

A customized anti-cancer lifestyle protocol

Alt. Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered Naturopathic Doctor with a specialty in integrative oncology, ultrasound expert, a renowned Prostate Cancer expert, ambassador, and Cancer Psychologist focusing 100% on Men's prostate health.

My holistic, naturopathic approach is exclusive for people combating Prostate Cancer, Prostatitis, Bladder Pain / Pelvic Pain, and Male sexual dysfunction.

My research, writings, and professional passion are exclusive to these conditions: Cancer of the prostate, Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis, Male sexual dysfunction, Pain (specifically pelvic pain), and urinary incontinence. Treatments include medicinal herbs, individualized nutrition, supplements, and massage.

My research interests is black race and prostate cancer, Doppler for prostate cancer diagnosis, Naturopathy oncology, and the Dangme People in Ghana.

Our clinic specializes in integrative (Western & Eastern, Conventional & Natural) treatments for Prostate Cancer and Urological conditions. We individualize the treatments to the patients' needs from least invasive to more aggressive.

Ralph is the CEO of DE MEN'S CLINIC& PROSTATE RESEARCH LAB and the founder of MEN'S HEALTH FOUNDATION GHANA, a prostate cancer support group and NGO creating awareness on prostate cancer in Ghana. He is also the founder and president of Dangmes without Borders in Ghana.

Based on my passion for Men's Health especially prostate cancer I pursue the first-ever Master's Program in Prostate Cancer (2013) organized by Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and Prostate Cancer UK.

I reviewed the literature “Role of Safety and efficacy of active surveillance in the treatment of prostate cancer and criticized the paper on grounds why it can be a calculated gamble for black men.

One of my assignment in the prostate cancer module “The Prostate cancer screening debate looking at the potential harm and benefits of the PSA test and the introduction of the Prostate cancer risk management program (PCRMP) in the UK by the NHS as a policy guideline was outstanding and eventually, I was made to get in touch with the regional ambassador for Topic of Cancer in south Yorkshire, Mr. Denton Wilson. He is the community champion of prostate cancer in the UK and the director of Prostate Cancer Awareness UK.

Concurrently with my work in Prostate cancer and medical ultrasound, I developed the concept of using mobile ultrasound as part of prostate cancer screening in Ghana to assess prostate volume simultaneously with the PSA test in the local churches. I move up and down the country as a prostate cancer ambassador educating men on prostate health and offering prostate cancer screening.

I also established the first free prostate cancer screening center and Naturopathic clinic for prostate cancer in Ghana to address men's prostate issues.

With my advocacy on calling for a specific prostate cancer screening policy for Ghanaian men to reduce the disparities in the black communities I later received email from the Alumni Connects Office of Sheffield Hallam University, UK if willing to be profiled as one of the most successful students in prostate cancer.

I was invited by the Central University College in 2013 by Dr. Arthur to provide expert talk to level 300 evening marketing students at the Mataheko campus.

I was also invited by Takoradi Polytechnic Guidance and Counseling unit to provide an expert talk on prostate cancer to the teaching, engineering students, and non-teaching staff in February 2014.

I also participated in many continuing professional development programs in electrocardiography in general practice organized by Glico Health Services, Obstetrics, and Gynecology ultrasound by BK Medicals Limited, Denmark, and Advances in Medicine organized by the Ghana College of Physicians and Surgeons and Africa Medical Partners.

I am also a Public Speaker providing an expert talk on prostate cancer on radios, TV, churches, and Conferences.

I am Christian and worship with the Holy Ghost Temple of ICGC, Frafraha branch, and a member of the Medical Team. I am also a member of the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship, Adenta branch.

I am a catalyst for change as I pioneer change in the Dangme Land, a tribe in Ghana, and kick start a campaign to raise awareness on prostate cancer in Ghana called MEN UNITED V PROSTATE CANCER. He has now championed a new TV program with Amansan TV to be launch in January 2015 called Prostate Matters TV which he will be the host of show.

This program became necessary because of the Men's Health Program he champions with the TV station every Wednesdays on the morning show.

He also presented a white paper on a response to implementing a national cancer plan and advocating for a prostate cancer policy for Ghanaian men to the Parliamentary Committee on Health issues, The Minister of Health, and the director-general of Ghana Health service.


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