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NZEMA: Adamus Resources Limited Operations Plagued By Tragedy

A second death, linked to Adamus Resources operations in Nzema, occurred on Friday 1st April, when security personnel at Nkroful who had attempted to disperse an angry crowd that had massed at the forecourt of the Nkroful District Court, shot and killed a local resident, Andrew Donkor.

Adamus Resources has indicated that the incident happened when some illegal miners who had been arrested on their concession were appearing in court for the first time.

Previously, Adamus operations in their Anwiaso Bukaso based mine, in the Ellembelle District of the Western Region were forced to close down at the insistence of the chiefs and people of the area after 27-year-old Michael Dery, alias Budo, an illegal miner was arrested by Adamus, security personnel, beaten and then set ablaze.

Tragically, he did not survive the torture and burning, and died of his wounds at the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital on Sunday, December 26, 2021.

The latest incident and previous instances of alleged poor management, failed corporate social responsibility and lack of respect for the community have led to a tense relationship between the residents and the company.

Local organisations like the Committee of Concerned Citizens of Nzema Descent, and the National Alliance for Nzema Development have separately expressed concern and called for appropriate sanctions from duty bearers to ensure justice and accountability in these two cases.

They have urged stakeholders such as the Member of Parliament, the District Chief Executive, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the Minerals Commission and others to take all necessary steps.

Sources indicate that locals hold Mrs Angela List, directly responsible for the deteriorating relationship between the company and the community, due to her poor people skills, arbitrary behavior, unsympathetic attitude and perceived arrogance.

Mrs List, who seized control of operations of Adamus Resources from her husband and owner of BCM International, Mr Paul List, in a still contested court case, is said to have systematically brought the company into disrepute with her poor people management, resort to bully tactics to solve issues, whereas before the corporate philosophy, reputation, and success of the holding company had been founded on social value, the respect for the dignity of host communities and proper community engagement.

It will be recalled that in 2019, Adamus Resources, were refused permission to sell gold and to export gold from Ghana, following a dispute as to royalty payments between the company and African Champion Industries Limited (ACI) a Ghanaian-owned public company.

The joint venture agreement which was in place before Adamus changed hands, obliged a regular royalty payment, which the previous owners had been making.

The ruling and further instruction from the Bank of Ghana in August 2020, was made by the Ghana Arbitration Centre, under the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act, in response to a petition filed by ACI for an Interim Injunction and Preservation of Property.

Questions continue to be asked as to why, Mrs List herself has not been questioned about the deaths, and related events, which have occurred on her watch, and it would appear that her contacts in high places, may be keeping her safe from facing legal query, as the person ultimately responsible for the actions of her agents and assigns, for a company of which she is in sole control.




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