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"Nobody calls you to order on your show" - MzGee fumes at Abeiku Santana for correcting her (VIDEO)

Host of United Showbiz, MzGee got into a brawl with Okay Fm Presenter, Abeiku Sanatana after she was criticized on her line of questions while on live TV.

According to MzGee, another industry player had called Beverly Afaglo bitter for saying that single successful actresses are lacking in the marital department.

But Abeiku Santana condemned MzGee for bringing up the topic because it portrayed Ghanaian actress Beverly Afaglo badly.

Even though Abeiku Santana had earlier said MzGee was the best journalist in Ghana, he sang a different song on United Showbiz.

He criticised MzGee's questioning, saying it was not beneficial for listeners and viewers.

Abeiku Santana: We like pushing negative and sensational news. I'm included. Ola, Arnold and Vida too. Instead, let's throw light on other positive things, like the group who drove to London"

After settling tempers and before she ended the show, MzGee had a message for Abeiku Santana.

She said: On a very serious note, Dr Abbey Aggrey Abeiku Santana and Ola Micheal, I'm disappointed in you guys. Santana, you do worse than this, and nobody calls you to order on your show.

In other news, some scores of Ghanaians have expressed worry over the frequent host-guest fights on the show.

At the same time, some wondered if that was the reason for McBrown's exit from the show.

Ohenewa Bekoe commented: I now get why Mac Brown left the show…. The purpose of it is to promote negativity and bring people down.. UTV Should reconsider their main objective for this show.

Rita Danquah Okyere commented: Well done, Mzgee. I like you very much, but be mindful of how you sometimes ask questions, it really creates a lot of confusion. My humble advice. Sis

Yaa Trimude commented: Honestly, this show is turning into something else.

In other developments, Empress Gifty blasted MzGee on TV for asking her "silly" questions.

Empress Gifty reacted on United Showbiz after MzGee asked her why she does not promote her songs.

According to MzGee, the gospel singer spends more time on social media advising people on marital issues instead of working on promoting her music.

This line of questioning did not go well with Empress Gifty, who ordered the United Showbiz host to retract and rephrase her question.

She also reminded everyone on the show that she was a big artiste and won't take such behaviour from MzGee.


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