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MARWAKO SAGA: "Medical Bills of Some Customers Have Been Paid" - PRO

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Marwako Fast Food, Amin Lamptey has revealed that medical bills of some customers who were admitted following a food poisoning incident from its restaurant have been paid.

According to him, the Fast Food Restaurant had to foot the bills as a mean of apology to its customers following the unfortunate incident.

Speaking to an Accra-based radio station, he said "The medical bills of some customers have been paid. We have also visited other who were discharged at their homes. This is an unfortunate incident and we apologise"

He also hinted that the company is corporation with the police as investigation are ongoing.

It is however emerging that some of the affected customers are threatening to sue the Fast Food Restaurant.

The rather unfortunate incident has left the leadership of the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to shut down the East Legon branch of Marwako.

It is emerging that other relevant agencies have also been shut dow.

Story by: Think News Desk Report



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