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Man sustains gunshot wounds from alleged Police attack in Tema

A man allegedly sustained gunshot wounds in analtercation with the Tema police night patrol team.

The incident happened Friday night, February 23, 2024, in Kpone within the Tema region.

The victim reported being shot in the shoulder from behind while seated in his car.

According to his narration, the police began pursuing his vehicle without apparent cause around the time of 11:30 pm to midnight as he was making his way home.

Describing the sequence of events, he recounted, “My car became stuck on a pile of soil, and as I endeavored to dislodge it, I observed a vehicle rapidly approaching. Though I managed to free my car, I was met with a barrage of gunfire.”

“It was fired three times. I sped away in fear for my life, thinking they were armed robbers,” he recounted.

He added, “I later learned they were police officers from the Tema regional office on night patrol duties. They have not explained to me why they chose to shoot at me in the middle of the night when I had no guns or weapons.”

The traumatized victim told Citi News that despite his near-death experience, the police are not forthcoming with the investigation to hold those officers responsible.

He foresees a possible cover-up and machinations against him.

The young man noted that, he was out with his friend at a spot for a drink and on his way picked up a strange lady who later fled his car over disagreement over money.

According to him, he’s been denied access to his car and its contents since the incident happened.

Credit: Adom Fm



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