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LIFESTYLE: 5 Common Problems That Pretty Girls Face And How To Handle Them

Let’s face it. A lot of us want to be pretty, but it doesn’t always make life easier being the beautiful person in the room.

Just like most things in life, there are certain downsides to being beautiful.

In that case, here are 5 of the most common problems that beauty can bring women and how to handle them


When you are pretty, people tend to assume that you are naturally expressive and a sociable person. This isn’t necessarily always the case, but because of your beauty.

It is mostly assumed that you are arrogant if you are actually shy or quiet. One good way to address this problem if you find that people feel like this towards you is to smile at people when you meet them as well as try to ask them questions about themselves.

Often this will get them to start talking about their lives, so you can just listen as much as you like while looking like you are engaging them in conversation.


Being beautiful is lonely sometimes as not many men or women approach you simply to be friends. It is assumed that you have lots of friends already and so you are not approached by others to start an acquaintance.

Also, it can be the case that others are intimidated by your beauty and scared off by your looks.

If you believe this to be the case with you and you would like more friends, you may have to step outside your comfort zone and start-up conversation when meeting others at social activities.


For some reason and often to do with a person’s own internal insecurities, it is common for women who are pretty to be the subject of nasty comments.

It is not unusual for others to cast judgment on pretty women even without getting to know them properly.

Being beautiful can, therefore, be quite hurtful at times with others always looking at your actions, outfits, or your looks and saying something mean in an effort to cut you down.

Again, the assumption here is that you are arrogant and therefore have the strength to shrug off such comments. The reality is that no one would want to be spoken about in such ways.


Due to the assumptions that others often make about beautiful women, one of the most difficult things to deal with, is the fact that it can be hard to make real friends.

Some may approach you for friendship for shallow reasons - they just want to be associated with someone who is beautiful.

While others may not want to talk to you, assuming that you have enough friends already.

This can be a difficult issue to overcome, but one method to get over it would be, to be honest with others about your own insecurities as well as learning quickly who is genuine and who is not.


While beautiful women don’t often get approached for friendship by others easily, they however do get guys approaching them a lot and sometimes not always when wanted.

Men will try to get with beautiful women simply because they want a good-looking person as a title on their bedpost.

This can be very negative attention and tiring too at times.

If you find that you are the subject of much attention, you need to come up with a tactful, yet clear and firm manner to get guys to discontinue in their advances towards you.

Story by: News Desk Report