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Keta: Lady With Rotten Arm Cries For Help

A 29-year-old lady Gladys Sebuabe, a native of Adzido in the Keta Municipality of the Volta region IS appealing for financial support from the general public to help treat her cancerous tumour arm which is on the verge of rotting.

Madam Sebuabe is pleading with the public to come to her aid to raise an amount of 5,000 Ghana cedis to begin with the operations on her arms.

She explained that her right arm developed a small boil for some time after which it turned into a serious wound she never imagined.

She was later diagnosed at the Keta Municipal hospital and the result was said to be a cancer tumour.

She also disclosed to ModernGhana news that she has been suffering from the disease for the past sixteen years and all her resources and that of her parent have all gone in the process.

"I have been suffering from this disease for the past sixteen years and l can no more do anything any longer with my arm," she added.

Madam Gladys Sebuabe, a hairdresser who lost her mother a few years ago can no more do anything on her own but rather rely on her father and a sibling for survival.

Meanwhile, she is now appealing through a Keta-based Jubilee Radio for philanthropists who may get into contact with her to help.

She was referred to Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra for operations and she is now counting on well-wishers for assistance to get her treated as early as possible.

Mr Dzudzorli Gakpe, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Keta constituency, and Dr Sena Kwasi Dzokoto, deputy health director of the Volta region have promised to donate one thousand cedis and three thousand cedis respectively to start the treatment.

They also promised to give their maximum assistance in various ways to get Madam Sebuabe treated properly.

Though supports are coming in financially, the public has also been urged to support her with food, drinks and other things since all her resources have been exhausted.

Anybody willing to offer financial support can do so via MTN mobile number 0243 46 72 53 in the name of Jubilee Radio).

Credit: Modern Ghana



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