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Keep Sammi Awuku And Justin Kodua Frimpong In Sensitive Positions In Akuffo Addo’s Second Term

Recent happenings leave much to be desired about lengthy epistles with tautologies and rhetoric, so I will try to be as brief and proceed to mind my business as I have always done.

I am extremely certain that I would be concentrating on a prayer point, sponsorship proposal, or a client’s communication strategy for the year, by now, if not for my inquisitiveness and the urge to lend my voice to the current trends on social media and as I have always done, be involved in the current political conversations especially after the events that unfolded on the night and dawn of 6th and 7th January this year in Parliament and the imminent showdown on who occupies the majority and the minority sides of the House today.

About the current political trends in Ghana, my interest has been whipped towards WHO BECOMES WHAT IN THE NEXT AKUFO ADDO GOVERNMENT, WHO IS TOO OLD, WHO IS TOO YOUNG, WHO HAS SERVED HIS TIME AND WHO NEEDS TO GO OUT. The passionate commentary and proposals have so far been coming from the NPP party faithful, the neutrals and even the opposition NDC (mindful of the fact that the 2020 presidential election is being contested in a court of competent jurisdiction – the result of which I have predicted).

I have averred my mind to some young Ghanaians on both sides of the divide (context: Ghana largely a two-party state) who I objectively believe will provide a safe pair of hands in political leadership or governance when given roles (most already wield proven track records). In fact, most of these names that immediately come to mind include Sammi Awuku (NPP National Organizer), Lawyer Justin Kodua Frimpong (CEO, YEA), Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh (MP, Former Minister of Education), Lawyer John Kumah, MP (Former CEO, NEIP), Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, MP (Former Dep. Min. Education), Edward Omane Boamah (Former Min, Communication), Francisca Oteng MP (Former Board Chair, NYA), Fred Agbenyo (NDC) and the list goes on and on.


I am reluctantly scribbling this epistle especially because I know that some of the people mentioned will not be too amused to be seen as pushing and or condoning any agenda that sets them at par or above others. They rather believe in hard work, delivering results, and focusing on the development of the youth in our country. Some of them that I have come to admire, particularly frown on any form of sycophancy, ‘stoogism’ or ‘surrogatism’. I, therefore, want to put on record that there is no inspiration or whatsoever from anyone that gets a mention in this scripture as may be seen on other platforms and perceived as such.

It is however instructive to note that upon reading around and seeing the kind of lists being peddled by people, I have committed to bring to the attention of leadership and the appointing authority the disservice they will do to the New Patriotic Party should they fail to put certain individuals in certain SENSITIVE positions. As a journalist of many years standing and an ardent follower of politics and elections in our country; taking into consideration how close the just ended elections was and how polarised the country has become as a result, I believe strongly that the only way the NPP can make a good stride in the 2024 general elections will be to keep figures like Sammi Awuku and Lawyer Justin Kodua in certain sensitive positions, else it will be a difficult run.

(NPP deɛ na aba na yɛreka , NDC nso deɛ ba a, yɛbɛka)

This observation is openly corroborated by the grassroots of the NPP who will form the basis of winning an election in the next polls. It is also corroborated by ‘floating voters’ and even members of the NDC. It was bold, the statement the people of Ghana made to the NPP through the ballot in the recently held elections that they will not tolerate any headstrong administration but will embrace a listening government. If the NPP is to do a self-introspection and realize that one key thing to establish dominance in other elections will be to listen, then they should listen to my piece of unsolicited advice: Sammy Awuku for Local Government Minister, Roads and Highways Minister or Deputy, Deputy Chief of Staff, Petroleum Commission, NPA or any ministerial appointment that will empower the organization of the NPP party for any electoral battle. Second: Justin Kodua Frimpong for NPA or any position that will also well-ground the party.

Why am I whining? Well, these two gentlemen have in simple terms exhibited finesse in their lines of duties especially in those ones that ensured a resounding NPP victory in 2016 and retaining power in the 2020 elections. They are loved and accepted by all.

Let me begin with Sammi Awuku, (for his profile you can google), but this is a young chap who took over the reins of the youth leadership while in opposition, endeared himself to the young and old, mobilized the grassroots of the party, and won for the party a great victory. Everyone in Ghana can easily associate with names like ‘People’s Capo’, ‘the Supremo’, ‘Chairman’, ‘Boys Abrɛ’, ‘King of the Grassroots’, ‘Tireless Don’, and many others. All these names are names given to him by members of the party who witnessed the NPP National Organizer’s prowess, hard work, and dedication towards securing victory for the party in every election.

Not Going too much back into history, all journalists who followed the NPP and NDC campaigns in the 2020 elections can easily attest to how Sammi Awuku as the National Organizer toured a minimum of two hundred (200) constituencies to campaign for President Nana Akufo-Addo and the various parliamentary candidates. There were periods he toured three different regions in a single day, even at the peril of his life sometimes, and even when his team and himself had recorded accidents. There was a time when he had moved from the Bono Region, done Ashanti, and was heading to the Eastern and was met with an accident, but he still went to the Eastern Region to Campaign. His campaign vehicle was razed down in the North yet he still went ahead to a campaign that evening.

Note: this is not a "promotion" but I am recounting these because it will be strategic for any political party to keep an organizer of Sammi’s sort, not to mention his days as a youth organizer. I am however well informed that Sammi has openly stated that he will not contest this position again. Now I am thinking; General Secretary? National Chairman or…but that too, I hear he says NO!

Well if this is the case, then I (a nobody with an opinion) will urge the President (appointing authority) to put Sammi Awuku is a very ‘sensitive’ position, a position that will keep the party and the government together if the next election is considered a very important one. Sammi has exhibited himself as one who will keep the grassroots formidable for any task ahead – the boys abrɛ man.

Sammi Awuku is a leader with expertise in political leadership and corporate governance with several awards having been crowned a young achiever by many international bodies. He, as board chair of the Youth Employment Agency, supervised a massive transformation of the Agency that became free of corruption over the last four years.

Mr. President the ball is in your court. In the words of NDC’s Allotey Jacobs who is also a former Central Regional Minister, “Genuine Advocacy, Mr. President, you will need Sammi Awuku in your cabinet to be a bridge between the Party and Government”.

In the case of Lawyer Justin Kodua Frimpong, Mr president even attests to how the Agency has been cool-headed and seen a massive transformation over the last four years. This is evidenced in the president’s statements at ceremonies to begin the construction of YEA offices in the newly created regions. In summary, the president stated that the Youth Employment Agency under the leadership of Sammi Awuku and Lawyer Justin Koduah Frimpong has seen job creation and transformation never seen before in the history of the Agency.

Indeed, under the leadership of Lawyer Kodua, the Agency has seen a massive facelift with the provision of serene working environments that have highly improved productivity for the young and energetic staff. Over One hundred and Forty-Five thousand (145000) people have been recruited over the last four years. Kodua’s administration has seen to the introduction of timesheets, ensuring value for money and saving the country over 7million Ghana Cedis monthly. Not to talk about the numerous job interventions he introduced. Today, everyone knows Jobcentre, the Artisan Directory, Agric based flagship projects, and many others.

Lawyer Justin Koduah truly deserves accolades. He, like Sammi through these interventions, garnered massive votes from the youth for the NPP in the just-ended elections. More importantly, I am aware that he also toured all the 16 Regions of Ghana with his personal resources to campaign for the president and for the party to be retained. In fact, in Asokwa for instance he is known as the darling boy, and but for him, NDC would have made a big statement there.

His people call him Okumkom, to wit – hunger killer. The simple reason is, he is always with the grassroots. NPP! You have to put a grassroots man of this nature in a strong and sensitive position to rekindle your grassroots. When you give Sammi Awuku the Minister, give the NPA to Kodua. He’s lived his time well at YEA. Give him another big task. I strongly believe he will deliver.

If you are NPP and have taken your time to read, get to the higher echelons of power and make a good case for Sammi Awuku and Justin Koduah Frimpong, ɛnyɛ saa deaa, 2024, la wuuu.


Tomorrow will be on to other potentials.

We will talk about NDC when it’s their time.

Credit: Kwasi Afriyie (Corridors of Fawoade-Mamponteng, Kwabre)


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