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Jealous Son Pours Rat Poison Into Stepmother’s Food

A 15-year-old boy’s act has left residents of Asante Akyem Obogu in a state of shock after he attempted to poison his father and stepmother. The boy, according to Kessben FM’s correspondent, lives with his father, Kwame Adu and his stepmother, Akua Safo after his parents divorced. His mother had left the marriage with his 3 siblings leaving him with the father and his new wife. Akua Safo upon returning from a funeral placed a bottle of water she came home with in their corridor while she went indoors to get some rest. She later asked for the bottle of water to quench her thirst but was informed by her 4-year-old grandson that her stepson had poured rat poison into the water. Akua Safo upon inspecting the water in the bottle found visible traces of undissolved rat poison settled under the water. The four-year-old further prompted her grandmother that the boy poured some of the poison into a pot of soup meant for his father. According to the reporter, the family of Akua Safo upon hearing about the incident stormed her matrimonial home with a tricycle and packed her out over fears for her safety. The stepson, according to the reporter, is a notorious truant who has dropped out of school

Credit: Ghanaweb



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