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“If You Are So Good At Something Legitimate, Never Do It For Free” - Yul Edochie Advises

The Nigerian actor and politician, Yul Edochie has a word of advice for people who find themselves so good at something they do it almost effortlessly.

You find some people doing something so well, and legitimate too, but juxtapose that with their economic situation and you realize that they have not maximized their God-given ability.

This appears to be changing lately as people have been seen cashing in on what they love doing.

For Yul Edochie, it is just an admonishment for people to just wise up and use their talents to break economic barriers for themselves as long as they are legitimate and not and fraudulent stuff. According to the actor, people just need not waste their talent, and one way of wasting a person’s talent is not sitting idle but doing for free.

He, therefore, advises that people do not have to do what they love or exhibit their talent for free as long as it is legit.

Yul Edochie is certainly an example of someone who is definitely cashing in on his talent as an actor and would want every other person with the passion and natural ability for something to follow suit, as his has earned him his status today as one of the leading Nollywood actors, almost levelling it up in acting dexterity with his father, the legendary Pete Edochie.

Yul Edochie gave this piece of advice in a Facebook post that we spotted on his wall.

It is a piece of advice worth considering because doing what you love and earning money from it is something that everyone would wish for.

“Be wise. Don’t waste your talent. If you are good at something, as long as it’s legit, never do it for free,” he wrote.

See screenshot below:

Credit: GH Base



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