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‘I will beat Shatta Wale if I get the chance’ – Sally Mann fumes

Entertainment pundit Sally Frimpong Manso, popularly known as Sally Mann, has launched personal attacks at Shatta Wale, following his camp’s response to her earlier criticisms about his performance at ‘The Africa Games’, in Accra.

Earlier in a discussion with Andy Dosty on Adom TV monitored by GhanaWeb, Sally chided Shatta for what she termed as a “disappointing” performance exhibited on such a global stage.

“It was a good platform for Shatta Wale, who is one of the most popular musicians in Ghana, but his performance was so disappointing and amateurish. He was not singing the songs properly and was miming.

“They should have brought people closer to him on stage because he is not confident being alone. He was so dull as if he had not held a microphone before. His choice of music was not the best, he could have used other better songs,” she earlier stated.

Following Sally’s observations, Shatta Wale took to Facebook to throw indirect jabs at her.

Shortly after, Shatta’s manager, Sammuel Baah (Sammy Flex), also tackled individuals criticizing his artiste’s performance.

He targeted the likes of Andy Dosty and Sally Mann and lambasted them accordingly.

However, in a rebuttal to Sammy Flex’s utterances, Sally Mann has emphasized her stance on Shatta Wale’s performance.

Captured in a furious state while speaking on PowerFM, Sally, who is fed up with the verbal attacks said it is about time she and Shatta settled their scores physically.

In that regard, Sally Mann, who claims to be capable of beating up Shatta Wale has called for a physical fight.

“If they want to bring it on, they can bring it on. I am waiting. I am not afraid of Shatta Wale. I can beat him if ever we meet one-on-one. I can beat him. He should let all his Shatta Movement members excuse us and he will see. I will beat him,” she fumed.

Sally continued, “I still maintain my stance that Shatta Wale looked like a lost puppy, he was confused, looked childish, and amateurish. Who is Shatta Wale that we cannot talk about? I couldn’t even sleep last night; I couldn’t even eat. The nerve! Shatta Wale, Sammy Baah Flex and the rest of the people following him think they are immortal. They won’t ever die, right?

“Shatta Wale attacked me unprovoked and even insulted my private parts. He can’t insult the likes of Despite, Fadda Dickson, Andy Dosty, and co and gets upset when we criticize him. Don’t you know these people have business partners?

“I heard that the little puppy has been calling certain people for my number. What do they want to come and do to me? To come and kill me? I am waiting,” she added.

Credit: Myinfogh



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