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"I Was 1 When My Parents Died" - Fameye (VIDEO)

Ghanaian Musician, Peter Famiyeh Bozah known in showbiz as Fameye has disclosed on live TV saying his parents died when he was one year old.

According to the musician, he didn't feel the pain of their demise since his grandmother took him as her own and provided for him all he wanted as a child.

Speaking on 'Just Being Us', a lifestyle TV show, he said "I Was 1 When My Parents Died. There has been so many stories about their death. Each and every time, I hear different story. My mum died first and later my dad also passed away. I didn't feel it that much because, I was staying with my grandmother and she was making me feel like she was my mother"

He added that his grandmother ensured he atttended one of the best schools in Bogoso and and had quality education.

"She virtually took me everywhere she went so I assumed she was my mother until there was a PTA day where our parents had to join the bus. I sat on my granny and my colleagues made fun of me, saying my mother was too old"

He mentioned that at age 9, he eft for Accra to live with hus Auntie and that was were the struggle began.

"And that was when I heard that the woman I lived with at Bogoso was not my mother but grandmother. Staying with my Aunty strengthen me a lot. I earlier on felt she was maltreating me but rather, she was helping me"

Fameye revealed that his Aunty's kids were treat as Prince and Princesses while he was like a lost child in a strange land.

"She had sons and daughters but Peter was the one sweeping, fetching water. I had to do even extra work for people in order to get money. I woke up at 4am, pushed my wheelbarrow from house to house collecting rubbish and that got me something little. Looking at where I live and how unpresentable I looked, it was mind-boggling. My uncle brought me here and if you see the car, one will not believe, that I was that miserable"

Explaining further, he noted that he had to complete SHS before he got to know that both of his parents were dead.

"That was when I was told the real story at Odorgono SHS. It was recently that I got my mother's picture and for a very long time, I have not posted that picture. I cried when I saw the pictures"

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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