"I Am Shy Of Him Now And Cannot Reproach Him Anymore" - Yawtog’s Mum On His ‘Stardom’

Rapper Yawtog’s mum has revealed that she cannot reproach him anymore because of his “superstardom.”

According to her, even though Yawtog is still a teenager the status he has been able to attain in this short period in the industry has made him irreproachable.

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“I am shy of him now. I cannot reproach him anymore. When I talk to him now, I do it in a humbling manner,” she revealed in an interview with Kumasi-based Aseda Radio during the launch of Yaw Tog’s “Time” EP over the weekend. “I remember even threatening to curse him with boiled eggs,” she revealed.

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After the release of “Sore” featuring the Asaaka boys last year, Yawtog shot to stardom and won the admiration of British Rapper Stormzy who worked with him on a remix.

Yawtog’s “Time” EP is out now and is streaming on all music platforms.

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Credit: Ameyaw Debrah