"Her Thing Is Too Big" - Social Media Users Troll After Watching Akua Saucy’s Leaked Videos (Pics)

The atmosphere on the information superhighway, thus social media took a different turn after Akua Saucy set it buzzing with her goodies.

Her goodies shown on social media attracts much attention and also generates mixed reactions from users, having them talking unceasingly.

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Despite their good friendship, it seems that the lady got her hands on the @Kwaby Skrilla guy’s phone and declined to return it. As a result, he took to Twitter to threaten Akua Saucy with leaking her photographs and videos until she returned the phone.

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He subsequently leaked the images online, causing the lady’s image and integrity to suffer. Twitter is currently on fire following the leaking of the nudes and Akua Saucy is nowhere to be found.

However, most of the discussions and debates seem to be focused on the size of the Akua’s anatomy.

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It seems that a lot of people, both men, and women, were of the opinion that her opening appears to be rather bigger than expected. This resulted in some people suggesting that the socialite needs to take traditional herbs to constrict the size of the opening.

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Others even suggested more radical solutions such as surgery.

Below are screenshots:

Credit: Broadcastghana.com