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Guinness World Records: Dr. Michael Karikari to hold 150-hour-long lecture marathon in April

The University of Environment Sustainable Development (UESD) is set to make history as it gears up to host a lecture-thon on March 10, 2024, with the ambitious goal of breaking the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive hours of lectures in a single venue.

Dr. Michael Appiah Karikari, a member of the academic community, has been granted approval by Guinness World Records for this extraordinary endeavor.

In an unprecedented display of academic excellence and innovative spirit, Dr. Karikari has chosen the captivating theme, “Research Methodology in Behavioural Sciences” for his Guinness World Record attempt.

The marathon lecture, spanning over one hundred and fifty hours, aims not only to surpass the existing record, but to do so without the use of PowerPoint slides, electronic devices, books, or any external aids – delivering the lecture extemporaneously.

The Public Relations and Communication Committee (PRCC) of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) – UESD chapter, expressed their excitement about the upcoming event.

“This impressive endeavor is an affirmation of the academic strength ingrained in our university’s culture,” a representative from the PRCC stated.

The lecture-thon is expected to be a significant event for various reasons, including academic collaboration, student and community engagement, and extensive media coverage.

Dr. Appiah Karikari’s lecture is structured to cover a comprehensive range of topics, facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration and showcasing the university’s commitment to academic excellence, the stated added.

“This event provides an exceptional opportunity for students to witness dedication and perseverance, aligning with the UESD HOPE Agenda,” the press release indicated.

The university is anticipating extensive engagement with local, national, and international media outlets, highlighting the importance of this event not only for the UESD community but for the broader academic and research communities.

Below is the release

Credit: Ghanaweb



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