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GALAMSEY FIGHT: - Christian Council Declares Week Of Prayer And Fasting

The Christian Council of Ghana has added its voice to the growing list of Ghanaian individuals and entities who have called on the government to band small-scale mining, otherwise known as galamsey. In a statement issued on Monday, October 17, 2022, the council said that the ban on small-scale mining is necessary because it will help the country stop galamsey which it describes as an existential threat to Ghana. The council also called for a week of prayer and fasting across the country to beg God for the destruction some Ghanaians have caused to his creation. “For many years now, our sovereign country Ghana has been witnessing under our very naked eyes, the saddest "environmental coup d'éta" ever unleashed upon our nation, heralding a programmed and complete "ecological disaster" or destruction. “We are calling for a week of fasting and prayers to pray for change of heart and for God's mercy upon our nation for the destruction we have caused the environment 2. We call for the IMMEDIATE BAN of all small-scale mining. “We have taken notice that many groups or companies hide behind a legal license to wreak havoc in the environment, To that end, we call for an immediate ban on all forms of small-scale mining, whether licensed or not, until a workable and satisfactory mad map has been established to ensure responsible mining in our country,” parts of the statement by the council read. “We call for an immediate national stakeholder's dialogue under the auspices of religious leaders (while the has is in place) to dialogue with all political parties, mining technocrats, the media, traditional leaders and all stakeholders to commit to a non-partisan National Strategy to sustainably deal with this national canker before we sink as a nation. “We call on government to swiftly arrest and prosecute all those involved in galamsey activities in Ghana without fear or favour, to serve as deterrent to others. Those who desire to be rich at the expense of the future of our country should face the full rigors of the law,” it added. Credit: Ghanaweb



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