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Emotional Journalist – Abeiku Santana Roasted After Blocking Delay Over Light Banter

Despite Media presenter, Abeiku Santana has been tagged as an emotional journalist after blocking Deloris Frimpong Manso (Delay) over some light banter.

Abeiku has been trending for well over 24 hours at this point for one reason and one reason only – his behaviour during his boss Osei Kwame Despite’s birthday.

Abeiku has turned himself into the greatest a** kisser of all time (GOAT) trying to curry favour from Despite. The problem is that Despite doesn’t seem to care very much for him.

Santana was trolled after Despite snubbed his offer of an handshake and later, chopped more trolling after forcing the handshake out of Despite but then being shuffled aside for Despite to take a photo with his rich friends.

It appears Delay got in a bit on the action of trolling Abeiku and Santana didn’t like it.

Abiku blocked Delay and the bemused presenter posted a screenshot of it.

Delay captioned it: “But I haven’t don’t anything oo,”

Check out Delay’s hilarious reaction to being blocked by Abeiku below…

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