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"Drinking Excessive Water At A Go Can Be Life-Threatening" – Nutritionist

When it comes to drinking water, many of us agree that it has enormous benefits to the body. With the body consisting of 60 percent water, regular consumption of water is advised to keep the body hydrated.

Doctors recommend that you drink eight (237-mL) glasses of water per day to reap the benefits of body hydration.

However, some people tend to take more water at a go than required for various reasons This practice, a Nutritional Specialist based in Germany, Dr Stefan Kabisch has cautioned against. According to him, drinking excessive water, particularly, at a sitting can be life-threatening to the individual.

He explained that the liver has a limited storage capacity for acute addition of fluid in the body.

Therefore, “Anything in excess of a half to 3 quarters of liter is inadvisable because it leads to unhealthy dilution of the blood. In severe cases, it may well be life-threatening.”

He subsequently advised that people should only take the quantity of water their “body-thirst” is calling for. Many self-acclaimed beauty expects on the internet have touted that drinking more water keeps your body young and wrinkle-free.

However, Dr Kabisch has disputed the claim.

“Like any other organ, our skin also needs plenty of water, so you need to listen to your thirst and ensure that you are drinking enough. But drinking more water than our body tells us, doesn’t reduce wrinkles or anything,” he clarified.




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