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"Cina Soul is overrated in Ghana" - Sally Mann (VIDEO)

Entertainment Critic, Sally Mann has described Ghanaian Singer, Cina Soul as an overrated Artist in Ghana.

Sally made these remarks on a TV reality show called 'The Darling Factor'.

In a video making waves on social media, Sally Mann, who appeared as a judge on the reality show was attempting to give her remarks on a performance by one of the contestants.

She said "Listen, I don't know what happened to you today. I don't know if you wanted to sound like Cina Soul but your vocal range is beautiful"

"You could have done it like you do all the time. What happened? It took a lot of things away from you. I didn't feel you. I was like 'ah' is this Diana singing? The Diana that song the Diana Hamilton 'God'?"

"No! No!! No!!! Today, you didn't come through at all. Be yourself. There can be only one Diana and that is you and your vocal ability is beautiful"

"You didn't need to sound like Cina Soul because for me, I think Cina Soul is one person that has been overrated in Ghana, so be you!"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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