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Chinese province of Hunan to partner Lands Ministry in Mineral Investment

A high-powered delegation from the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hunan Sub-council on May 16 paid a courtesy on the Minister for Lands and Natural Resources, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor(MP).

The visit was to engage the Ministry on avenues the two countries can deepen their bilateral relations and ramp up economic and trade ties to the mutual benefit of citizens of both countries.

Speaking during the visit, the Minister, Hon. Samuel A. Jinapor disclosed that Ghana’s relationship with China is a great and mutually beneficial one which has gained noteworthy recognition in areas of economic trade, mineral and mining investments, education and social development.

“There is a strong people-to-people relationship between Ghana and China. There are a lot of Ghanaian citizens who travel to China for all kinds of businesses and there are Chinese citizens who travel to Ghana for all kinds of businesses”, he said.

The delegation from the Hunan sub-council made a presentation to the Minister and other officials of the Ministry on the various aspects of the country in which they seek to collaborate with Ghana on.

The key sectors which were highlighted in the presentation include mining, healthcare, industrial growth among other things.

The leader of the delegation, Zhou Shengqiao, Deputy Inspector, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Hunan Sub-Council through the presentation also outlined various means in which they can collaborate with the Ministry for the responsible and sustainable harnessing and exploitation of the country’s Natural Resources.

The Minister noted with satisfaction the detailed presentation offered by the Chinese delegation to partner the Ministry in the area of natural resources exploitation and added that his outfit through the Chief Director will hold further engagement with the council.

He also promised to pay a working visit to the council establishment as part of his Ghana’s participation in the Beijing Mining Conference slated for October this year, 2023.

Story by: Fafa Nyame



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