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CHEMUNAA: "Be Security-Conscious And Report Suspicious People To The Police" NCCE To Youths (VIDEOS)

The Greater Accra Regional Director of the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Lucille Hewlett Annan, has advised youths living in Chemunaa, a suburb of Accra to be security-conscious and report suspicious people in the community to the police.

According to her, the lifestyle of some youths lately is questionable adding that reporting such persons will help reduce the grooming of other youths into such lifestyles.

Speaking at a youth activist workshop on Secessionism And Violent Extremism on Saturday, Mrs. Annan said "The youth must be security-conscious and report suspicious people who do not work but are living extravagant lifestyles in communities"

Sharing her though on the theme; Mrs. Annan pledged with the youth not to succumb to monetary offers from well-to-do people and commit a crime for them.

The Regional Director also further explained that without peaceful co-existence, the country will suffer. “We are educating the youth who are ambassadors to spread the message they have heard to educate members of their youth groups and we have also asked them to invite us during their meeting times so we could meet the whole group and share the message,”

Touching on Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR), she explained that the ADR helps for certain cases which do not need to be heard in the courts end up being settled at home.

"With the Alternative Dispute Resolution, we can settle our difference by sitting, listen to each other, and make peace or we can as well get mediators who will help in resolving the issue"

Mrs. Annan revealed that the introduction of ADR has helped to reduce the cost people usually pay when going to court.

"ADR has its limit. Cases such as; rape, murder, and theft among others cannot be settled with the ADR.

On his part, a member of the National Security, Kester Osei said "To the youth, the fact that the program focuses you shows how important this is to our collective efforts to prevent incidents of violent extremism and terrorism"

He reminded that youth gathered that coming September 11 will be 20years when the unfortunate World Trade Centre bombing occurred.

Mr. Osei mentioned that some youths were among the brains behind the deadly attack that day.

He noted that the fight against terrorism is difficult.

"Terrorism is closing down on us Africans therefore the need for all of us to be actively involved. In Nigeria, the activities of Boko Haram has leftover to the killing of an estimated 30,000 people while over 3 million people are now homeless"

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) David Joachim Quanson, Crime Officer of Mamprobi Police District Headquarters said "If you go give any officer any money, it is at your own risk"

He explained that it is the police service that grants permits before roads are blocked.

ASP Quanson said "When you acquire property and you are developing it, there is a share for the traditional chief and they will get it from the Lands Administration which is within the Lands Commission. There is nothing in the country's laws as digging fee"

He reminded them that anyone arrested in connection with the digging fee will be dealt with.

He advised the youth to stay away from deviant behaviors.

It is emerging that the NCCE with support from the Ministry of National Security to sensitize the youth of Chemunaa and Chorkor in the Ablekuma South Constituency.

Below are some videos:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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