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"Ban On Noisemaking During Homowo Festival To End Spiritually In 2022" - Dr. David Bindan

The President of Final Global Government (FGM), Dr David Bindan says the ban on noisemaking in Accra during the Homowo festival yearly will be brought to an end spiritually in 2022.

He said from 2022, churches will not be affected spiritually by the ban.

He indicated that in the spiritual realm, he has placed a stop on the effect of the ban on noisemaking for churches.

The ban on noisemaking is usually imposed by the Ga people during the homowo festival annually.

Addressing a press conference in Accra on Tuesday, 22nd June, Dr. Bindan noted that the ban will no longer exist from 2022.

He said the imposition of the ban has affected churches spiritually.

He observed that the situation where men on earth imposed a ban and extend it to the church was a matter of “high disorder. ”

He seized the opportunity to pray for peace and blessings upon the city of Accra.

Credit: Melvin Tarlue



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