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Assin North by-election: Gunshots fired at Assin Praso

Gunshots have been fired at Assin Praso in the Assin North constituency during the by-election on Tuesday, June 27, TV3’s Eric Mawuena Egbeta who is in the constituency covering the election has reported.

“More and more Police officers are coming after an individual was allegedly attacked”, Mawuena further reported.

The General Secretary of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Justin Kodua Frimpong said that the gunshots were fired in the stronghold of the NPP as a way to scare supporters of the governing party from voting.

“Ask yourself how did it happen? Where you stand now, look at the statistics it is the stronghold of the NPP, how come you are having gunshots here but you are not having gunshots elsewhere?

“What does it mean? It is an election and people want to intimidate our supporters, people want to scare our supporters from coming out to vote. We are expecting the Police to do better, we don’t want it to get to a point whereby we will be forced to defend ourselves.”




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