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Are Our Legislators Pacesetters And Law-Abiding?

I am very disappointed in most of the Members of Parliament for the behaviors they exhibited during the inauguration of the 8th Parliament of the 4th Republic.

I must say it was my first time watching such an event and I was not expecting to see such displays.

In as much as these MPs find it difficult to come to agreements with their fellow colleagues based on their political affiliation, I will say, what I witnessed was by fair, the most shameful thing an Elected Member of Parliament will do.


Talk of the verbal abuse to the physical abuse, I kept on asking myself, are these not the same leaders who when granted interviews both on radio and television spell out the need for their followers to do away with violence and the use of vulgar words?

Are these not the same members of parliament who preach peace and often tell their party followers to behave like 'cats', just observe and ignore when an opponent misbehaves towards them?

What struck me the most was the destroying of ballot boxes by these leaders! In God's name, what were they thinking?

I personally took shots and videos of the activities and I keep asking myself, what difference do their actions make from that of their followers?

An Elected Member of Parliament destroyed, stepped on, and made a mess of that same box that the ordinary Ghanaian woke up at dawn to queue and vote for him or her in it?

Do these politicians respect the voter at all or do they think, they have been given the authority so they are above the law?

I feel, all members of parliament who were captured during the violence when the voting for Speakership was ongoing must be punished to serve as a deterrent for the ordinary Ghanaian.

Just look at how an Elected MP, managed to snatch coalition sheets from his colleague and bolted with?

Is that what happened at his constituency or does this happen in all the constituencies across the country?

I felt very hurt when I heard a male MP call his female colleague on the floor of parliament, 'Ashawo'! What the hell was that?

Has the politics of this country gotten to this level? Must such utterance be uttered? Where is the respect from these leaders of ours?

I saw a Minister placing a call ordering the Military to enter the Parliament house.

The first question, I asked myself was; does the Military have the right to enter the parliament house? I also asked myself, what if an of the MPs had dared the fully armed officer, would he have shot him or her?

Dear MPs, this is too much and it's about time you realize that people are looking at you and also taking cues?

International Media will always get us. So what image were these MPs projecting?

We brag to always be peaceful and law-abiding citizens. Are our MPs law-abiding and pacesetters?

Credit: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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