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"A Bank Teller Touched My Back Sexually During Working Hours" - MzGee (VIDEO)

On-Air Personality, Gloria Akpene Nyarku known in showbiz as MzGee has revealed on a live television show that she was touched sexually by a bank teller in an undisclosed bank few months ago while filling a form.

According to her, although it was unprofessional on his part, the teller committed the offence during his working hours.

Speaking on 'Just Being Us', a lifestyle show on Think Tv, MzGee said "So I went to this bank few months ago to do some transactions. I was in jeans and a crop top. As I was filling the forms, a hand touched my back sexually and I for a second stop to look at who it was since I was in a mask"

She added that she was left in a state of shock as she turned to see the bank teller as the one who committed the office.

"He said in Ga, I am disturbing the people in the banking hall with my dressing" she revealed.

MzGee noted that to avoid creating a scene, she quickly walked out of the banking hall feeling embarrassed by the actions of the teller.

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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