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World Health Day marked in Ghana

Ghana has joined the rest of the world to mark World Health Day in Accra.

Special to the 2023 World Health Day is the 75th anniversary of the World Health Organisation (WHO), a global Health Institution.

The anniversary was being commemorated under the theme of 75 years of improving public health.

"75 years ago, this global Institute in health was founded to promote health, keep the world safe and serve the vulnerable so everyone, everywhere can attain the highest level of health and well-being"

"This day gives us an opportunity to look back at public health successes that have improved quality of life during the last seven decades"

"Today we have an opportunity to tackle the health challenges of today and tomorrow"

Health is still a fundamental basic human right.

"Everyone must have access to the healthcare services they need, when and where they need them without financial hardship"

"We can only achieve this fundamental right through Universal Health Coverage which will offer financial protection and access to quality essential services, lift people out of poverty, promoted the well-being of families and communities"

"Again, the need for resilient health systems powered by a Primary Health Care approach is the most effective and cost-effective way to bring services to the doors of our people"

"We in Ghana will continue to engage and emphasise individuals, families, and communities for increased social participation and enhanced care in health"

"Our people will be the centre of health decisions and outcomes. For our health system, we will strengthen integrated national health system using a Primary Health Care(PHC) approach to deliver essential quality services with financial protection, equity-oriented, gender sensitive and rights-based approach"

Together with the World Health Organization, Ghana we will commemorate this day on Friday 14th April 2023"

Below is a copy of the release:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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