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“Wo w) car keys ah, y3w) lorry fare” – Eno Barony Jabs Medikal

Rapper, Eno Barony has jabbed AMG Business Musician, Medikal in a new diss song dubbed ‘Force Dem To Play Nonsense’ featuring Tubani Music signee, Strongman Burner and songstress, Sister Derby.

According to Eno Barony, she intends to end the beef battle with Medikal as she has been advised to end the on-going exchange of words through music.

In her new diss song to Medikal, Rapper, Eno Barony said “Now I turn nightmare. Wo w) car keys ah, y3w) lorry fare. Y3n anisu w) shi”

Rapper Eno added that if Medikal wants to end it with her, he should do it now adding that God should come to the aid of his children since they are at loggerheads.

“S3 me juns) agu b33be na ya gye me GHc50 de3 anka m3ni pr3ko” she further jabbed Medikal.

For the past three weeks, social media has been buzzing and talking following a diss battle between Eno Barony and Sista Afia.

The two female Artistes, took to jabbing eachother over who has the best lyrics and flow.

Jabbing Medikal, Tubani Music signee, Strongman asked how many diss track have the male rapper in the Ghanaian Music Industry got this year?

He said “Boyz Boyz, afe wae mo diss no y3 s3n? Mo wie aaa, mo checki, me hit no y3 s3n? Real hommies, fake no moy3 s3n na me suro na mo koraa ah no, mo fie rich no, mo y3 s3n? Adwiii!

He added that because of ‘beef’, he is always ready in his gloves even on bed.

Although the cause of the beef between Eno Barony and Medikal is unknown, many followers have taken to social media to asking the Artiste beefing each other to continue adding it will help boost the music industry.

On her part, Sister Derby said “Ei Eno, is that how are you? Me de3 I will not try you. Now that I have seen what you can do, wama action film adane cartoon”

She cautioned Medikal to stay in his lane adding if he has not been invited into any ‘beef’ battle, he should stay in his lane.

In a lowkey jab to Medikal, Sister Derby asked Eno to get, milk, sugar, butter, eggs and ‘poloo honey’ so both can prepare ‘Sweet Ex’.

The diss track has seen 17K views in 2 hours on youtube with 8.3k viewers responding positive to it whiles 181 have gone against the song.


AMG Business rapper, Medikal has resurrected his beef with Tubani Music signee, Strongman Burner after throwing subliminal shots at him and 4 other celebrities in a new diss song dubbed 'Nonsense'. In his diss song, Rapper, Medikal took turns to rub the face of Strongman, Sister Derby, Eno Barony, Social Media Influencer, Akuapim Polo and Comedian DKB in the mud asking them to stop hating. Taking a swipe at Strongman, the Sowutuom King reminded the Tubani Music signeethat he(Strongman) is still an Uber celebrity whiles his wife, Fella Makafui pulls up in a Benz. He said "Uber celebrities, wifey dey pull up benz oh. Wob3 te'as3, 3y3 kanzo. 3nfa ohia nka nkwasiaa3m. Mo k3ka nkwasiaa3m" Scolding Eno, Rapper Medikal said, he has sold his loyalty adding he was created by God and was not made-in-China. The Sowutuom King-Kong said "Nyankopon na 3b) me oh, mo y3 made-in-China. Black and white, mes3n panda me ky3n designer"

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith