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"When You Go Do Sensible Songs" - Kwadwo Sheldon Questions Shattawale

Digital Content Creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has taken a swipe at SM Boss, Shattawale asking when will the musician come out with a sensible song.

According to Kwadwo Sheldon, Shattawale's inability to produce sensible songs has made it difficult for Ghanaian Music to win a grammy.

In a video sighted by ThinkNews Online, Kwadwo Sheldon said "You too, at this age wey you fit to do this song, 'Wo maame', 'Wo maame', 'Wo maame'. Me at this age, I have a programme called 'Yawa Of The Day', you. At this age, you do song, 'K3 Kpuu K3 Kpaa' 'Wo maame' 'Onya ye', you are 75 years, I don't want to add the other one because kids are watching. So if I have this show and you also have these foolish songs, me and you are the same"

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Sheldon also said "You too when! When you go do sensible songs? When you, Shattawale go do sensible songs?"

The Content Creator added that if Shattawale should come out with a sensible song, it will help the Ghanaian Music Industry to be recognised at the Grammy's.

It will be recalled that some Nigerian Artists won Grammy awards over the weekend following their hard work in the music industry.

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Musicians such as Tiwa Savage, Wizkid and Burna Bwoy were the Artists that made Nigeria proud.

However, the victory for Nigeria turned into a mess on Twitter after some Ghanaian social media users took to their handles to jab the various musicians in the country.

Some tweets described Ghanaian Artists as lazy and not ready to win bigger awards.

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This got Artists such as Shattawale among others responding to the backlash.

Watch the video below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith


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