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“Wendy, Fantana Not Bigger Than Rufftown Records” – Bullet Vents Anger

Updated: May 21, 2020

Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of RuffTown Records, Ricky Nana Agyeman known in showbiz as Bullet has vent his anger on his two female signees, Wendy Shay and Fantana for coming at each other on social media for the past few days.

According to Bullet, he is disappointed the two female singers adding management will decide on what action to take.

Speaking in an interview with an online portal, Bullet said “Fantana and Wendy Shay are not bigger than Rufftown Records”

He also debunked rumours that he has taken an undisclosed amount of money from the mother of Fantana.

“Fantana is really outspoken. I’ve taken no money from her mother. I only wanted to be of help to her career. I personally took her to the studio, she’s got real passion for music and that got me glued to her and nothing much” he explained.

Ricky Nana Agyeman further explained that although mother of Fantana wanted to partner him in his Rufftown record business, he declined since the record label has enough to fund for itself.

He said “Her mother wanted to partner with me and there’s nothing like she giving me some sort of huge money because it’s a record label . My record label has enough money to fund an artist. I sponsored her the first time I saw her, I don’t care who you are provided you’ve got passion because I love music”

Answering questions on Rufftown Records been short of lyrics, the CEO however clarified that a record label which has produced stars like Ebony Reigns, Wendy Shay and herself (Fantana) cannot lack ideas.

He cautioned Fantana to be mindful of her utterances adding the Artist should desist from speaking evil about the brand.

“You don’t speak evil and disrespect my hard earned Label. My label is one hot label that produces great music so you don’t go about disrespecting my label” he fumed.

He revealed that most of the lyrics used by Fantana are words he came up with adding her disrespect for the brand is unacceptable.

“I always go behind closed doors to settle their differences. I’m not bias. It’s not everyone you can control. Rufftown records is bigger than Wendy Shay and Fantana.! Rufftown Records have done nothing to Fantana, if indeed I’ve hurt you as a manager, you take it on the right track. Their fights ain’t for hypes, they are real” he justified.

Bullet further hinted he feels a member of his record label is the one behind the mess.

He said “Someone in the team is spoiling the record label. Indeed if there is a problem, I have asked them to live separately. My team cooked this up and they had a loose talk about each other. This issue went to an extent of inviting our head pastor to solve the issue”

He fumed that he never forced Fantana rather it’s showbiz and issues are always cooked up to get the trends .

“We’ve seen talents and yet I tired to manage my artists. You can’t attack a record label because you’ve got an issue with a colleague in the same label. You can sue the label if you think the label has done something for you” he stated.

Bullet revealed that since Fantana has chosen to disrespect the brand, he has asked his lawyers to meet with her.

“My lawyers will be meeting her and her family so we terminate her contract. Fantana hasn’t brought any money on my desk. I’ve never sided with Wendy Shay. I’m terminating our contracts because she denting the record label and not because of her issue with Wendy” he noted.

Ricky Nana Agyeman hinted that Fantana is no longer on his label revealing its been 8 months since he saw the Artiste.

He explained “In every record label, there should be some sort of respect. I have over 1000 recorded songs and I won’t ever be limited when it comes to lyrics. Respect the hands that feed you. “Tuff Skin Girl” is a publicity gone wrong”

The C.E.O of Rufftown Records Bullet added he created the name, Fantana adding if singer, Wendy misbehaves her contract will be terminated.

Story by: Mandy Woods



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