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“We Demonstrated Because Our Mate Was Sick, Left To His Fate To Die" - KNUST SHS Students

Some students of KNUST SHS have demonstrated against school authorities over what they call a total neglect of their colleague leading to his death.

According to the students, they are unhappy about the school authorities not attending to their late colleague after he complained of stomach pains.

In a video making waves on social media, the student was seen in pains as his colleagues were trying to figure out what was wrong with him.

In the said video, some teachers were also spotted looking unconcerned at the dying student and his colleagues with an excuse of a possible covid-19 case.

The news of the young boy's death got the students so upset as they began throwing stones and breaking the windscreen of the headmistress' car.

The students said “We were demonstrating because yesterday one of our mates was sick and he was left to his fate to survive on his own because of the fear of coronavirus. Nobody attended to him.

Other students who partook in the demonstration also said “He was ill, he wasn’t showing any signs since morning but later in the afternoon around 3 o’clock he started vomiting because he had some stomach ache,” one student recounted.

The students added that they had to rush their deceased colleague to the classroom whiles the teachers did nothing to help.

It is emerging that if the school’s authorities had acted fast, the life of the young student would have been saved.

However, school authorities have refused to respond to the issue.

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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