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WATCH: Fashion Connect Africa Launches 1 Million Masks For Rural Communities (Videos+Pictures)

The Leadership of Fashion Connect Africa (FCA) has launched a 1 million masks for rural communities aimed at ensuring every community across the country has access to logistics in the fight against coronavirus.

According to the organizers, the idea is not only to fight the spread of coronavirus but to also protect the lives of Ghanaians from dying.

Speaking at the official launch of the Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) at Fashion Connect Africa, Victoria Michaels said "The challenges of this disease has presented a great opportunity for stakeholders both in the public and private sector to work together as we resolve to completely defeat this disease"

She explained that the launch of the life saving project was one out of a strong desire to provide safety cover from the deadly coronavirus for the less privileged and undeserved in the very poor rural communities across the country.

"To ensure that the rural dwellers keep themselves safe during this period, we are embarking on a 1 MILLION FACE MASKS FOR RURAL COMMUNITIES PROJECTS which will involve the production and distribution of quality and treated face masks to the rural poor across the most neglected districts in Ghana" Victoria Michaels stressed.

She added Organizers of the 1 million mask say donating a mask to save a life will also ensure that the undeserved gets the deserve protection.

In an exclusive interview with Think Tv, Executive Director of Carbona Events, Daniel Kojo Soboh said "It is very timely and a great initiative that is why I am here to support. I think we have done our best that is why it has reflected in our numbers going down but more has to be done"

He added although the government has done its part, the citizenry can also add up.

"As the people we should be responsible so we can get the numbers down. People generally think the disease is gone because of the easing of restrictions. We should wear our nose mask and observe the directives given"

Ghanaian Musician, Yaa Yaa said "Every time I hear someone giving to society, I feel it is a blessing. This is a noble thing to do. We can create mask and send it to people who do not have so they use"

Tackling the covid-19, the sensational musician said "I think we have handled it well since everyone knows what it is about. The message has come out and gone out already. We still need some work to keep people conscious"

She charged the citizenry to be careful adding everyone must be each other's keeper in this time of covid-19.

She said "We have to bring the attention of our friends when we see them wearing the mask wrongly. Protect yourself. Make good use of it. Make sure everyone in your family gets it. Wash your hands"

Deputy Minister of Education, Gifty Twum Ampofo said "The nose mask has become a necessity and everyone must get one. The concerns we have are real. There are many people walking on the street having the mask but are wrongly using it"

She also appealed to the citizenry to wear their mask and use them well.

Brand Ambassador for GTP, Martha Ankomah said "Basically, I think we need education on our TV stations. They need to be showing documents. I think we should do more of the education in our local dialects. This pandemic is so real"

She challenged Ghanaians to adhere to the covid-19 protocols hinting that the United Kingdom (UK) and United States of America (US) are likely to go on lock down again.

"The celebrities also have a job. Get masks that can make you breath well. Have a loose nose mask. 2020 will go. A medicine will pop up for us soon" she said.

Victoria Michaels "I am really excited to impact lives positively. A lot of people in the rural communities are undeserved and there is a lot that the government can do but we also thought of using our garment factory to also help in saving lives. Somewhere in SA, I realized that the virus was rampant in the slums. So the people from the urban area gave to them. So I learnt from there"

The Ambassador of the Delegation of the European Union to Ghana, Mrs Diana Acconcia lauded the Leadership of Fashion Connect Africa (FCA) for the great innovation and called on other philanthropists to emulate the gesture.

See videos and pictures below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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