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Twitter Set Ablaze As #BiasedSupremeCourt Trends

Some scores of Social Media Users have expressed mixed reactions on Twitter over what they call #BiasedSupremeCourt.

In some series of tweets sighted by ThinkNews Online, Yayra Koku @YayraKoku tweeted "We have people who make a judgment based on their political affiliation and not what the law says #BiasedSupremeCourt"

ANNAN PERRY ARHIN @AnnanPerry said "#BiasedSupremeCourt Dr. Ayine made it plain"

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NanaYaa Prempeh @PrempehNanayaa also added "#BiasedSupremeCourt if justice can vote against a legal principle he proudly espoused in his book. Then it’s obvious their biases have denied them the right to think"

abdallah Mohammed @AM_Daghara said "We don't need to waste time on these stomach judges, #SupremeUnanimousFC#BiasedSupremeCourt"

Kwame Listowel @mrricogh noted "This is what EC boss Madam Jean Mensa said in 2012 when she was seeking to "force" Prez candidates into a "Private IEA" Debate. Today, she is using smartness in court to prevent accountability as chair of a state institution. I won't say #BiasedSupremeCourt though! But Principles!"

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NanaYaa Prempeh @PrempehNanayaa said "#BiasedSupremeCourt it’s only in Ghana where a constitutionally mandated person’s document cannot be inspected, her name cannot be mentioned, you cannot subpoena her, neither can you ask interrogatories. These were made possible by these corrupt judges"

John K @johnk_godwin tweeted "A supreme court panel with same thinking and reasoning on every matter can only be biased #BiasedSupremeCourt"

See the embed tweets below:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith