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Twerking To Become An Olympic Sport In 2024

The announcement was made on Friday by the committee in charge of overseeing all parts of the Olympic Games and determining whether sports would be included or not.

According to the website, many of the organization’s 99 members are former athletes or current leaders in athletics from all around the world. It’s also responsible for determining what criteria must be completed for a sport to be considered for inclusion.

Twerking, for those who don’t know, is a dancing motion that involves crouching and thrusting your hips.

“Booty shaking,” as it’s often known, is another term for it.

The name was created by combining the words “twist” and “jerk.”

One committee member noted in a statement that many celebrities and public figures had been observed twerking, and she was blown away by rapper Megan Thee Stallion’s twerking skills.

Another committee member, however, pointed out that the soon-to-be sport is a global phenomenon, citing Jamaican singer Spice as a wonderful example of the dance.

“During the games, contenders will have to demonstrate how their glutes’ cheeks strike every beat of a song while simultaneously making unique motions; a skill that not everyone can master,” stated committee members Margret and Antonette Willis.

Although the rounds are still being finalized, members have revealed that participants will have to dance to a version of the song in the first round in 2024.

Story by: Aladdyn King



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