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Thief Trapped Inside Church After Robbery Attempt Went Wrong

A thief, identified as Agyasuo, was found trapped inside a church building after he attempted to rob it.

Agyasuo is said to have broken into the Catholic Church at Techimantia in Tano South Municipality through a small hole he created with a chisel and hammer.

Unbeknownst to him, the residents in the area had mounted a watch over the church and alerted the caretaker of the building, while waiting to see him go through with his robbery mission.

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Hours after, the thief was still in the building unable to escape the same way he entered.

Agyasuo is seen in a video, handing over some of the money he had stolen to residents who had gathered to watch him struggle to come out of the hole.

He is seen begging residents who had gathered at the scene of the crime to help him out.

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While some residents obliged and tried to carve out a wider path to pull him out of the hole, others denied him help, teasingly asking him to come out the same way he went in.

He created a hole inside the ground floor of the locked storey building where he gained access to the inner chambers.

After sometime, the caretaker of the church opened the door.

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In his possession was a bag containing phones, a computer and other items he had stolen while inside the building.

The suspect was subsequently handed over to the police for prosecution. His mother, who was present during his arrest was in tears, shocked at the fact that his son was a thief.

Watch video below:

Credit: Myjoyonline.com