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PART 1.....

Somewhere in Soweto, Dave and Cassandra were activists of same political party. Dave observed Cassandra silently over time and gradually developed affection for her but did not have enough courage to approach her at this point. As fate will have it, Dave and Cassandra were added to one WhatsApp platform but Dave was not aware it was the same Cassandra he so much admire and wish to be with. He all along felt this Cassandra was the wife of his sector youth organizer who he had a good rapport with. One day, Dave needed some information from his sector youth organizer but could not reach him so decided to send Cassandra a message to ask his wife to call him urgently. That was when he got to realize that this was the Cassandra he so much wish to be with and not the wife of his sector youth organizer. Dave quickly saved her number and contemplated on his next move for days. After a week of thinking with no concrete solution, Dave decided to give Cassandra a call and at least hear her voice on phone for once. Dave dialled her number with trembling hands. The hello from the other end of the phone made him miss a few heartbeats within a second. He was finally hearing that sweet, silky and angelic voice on phone for the first time. Dave: Hello Cassandra: Hi, please how are you? Dave: I am fine. How about you? Cassandra: I am doing great. Please may I know the name behind this voice? Dave: Please, my name is Dave. Dave Simons. Hope I am talking to Cassandra. Cassandra: Yes please. This is Cassandra Duarte. Dave: Great. I mistakenly sent you a message meant for my sector youth organizer but I think that was a blessing in disguise. Cassandra: Ooooh ok. Dave: Please am I permitted to save your contact and get in touch with you from time to time? Cassandra: Yes please. Dave: Thanks a lot. Will get in touch with you again some other time. Cassandra: Ok. Take care. This was how Dave and Cassandra started getting closer to each other. Dave visited Cassandra in the Northern part of Soweto on his birthday after many failed attempts to convince her to allow him visit. They went to a restaurant to have lunch and talk over issues as well. While waiting to be served, Cassandra started a conversation.

Part 2 They went to a restaurant to have lunch and talk over issues as well. While waiting to be served, Cassandra started a conversation. Cassandra: Happy birthday, Dave. Dave: Thanks Dave: Just remembered your birthday is two weeks away. Why don't we plan a joint birthday party. Cassandra: Will see about that. Dave: (Clears his throat). Cassy, I think today being my birthday is the best moment to tell you what I have been trying to suppress all this while. Cassandra: (Sits well) I am all ears Dave. Dave: Hmmmm, don't even know where to start from. Cassy, sometimes you meet a person and you get so used to him or her without realizing it. That's exactly what you are making me go through. You are simple yet so precious.... Cassandra: Dave, please go straight to the point. Dave: Cassandra, the long and short of the whole story is that I am in love with you. Cassandra: (with confusion written all over her face) Dave, I am sorry but I am dating. Dave: That should not be a problem. We are friends already and that won't change though I am keeping my eyes on the ball so I deliver the final strike. A waitress came in with their food. They ate in silence an it was obvious both did not really have appetite for the food at this point but had to eat in order not to hurt the feelings of the other. They left the restaurant and Cassandra saw Dave off without saying a word till Dave stopped a cab. Dave: Thanks for making my birthday a memorable one. (Cassandra could feel the emptiness in his words) Cassandra: Don't mention it, Dave. And please remember that we are friends though we can't date. Please cheer up for me. Dave: Ok. Cassandra: Prompt me when you get home. Dave: Please, I will. Cassandra: Safe journey Dave: Stay safe. They hugged before Dave entered the taxi and gave the driver directions to his house.

Part 3 They hugged before Dave entered the taxi and gave the driver directions to his house. Dave: How much are you taking for this trip? Driver: 10 Rands. Dave: Ok, will give you 15 Rands since it's my birthday and I want to put a smile on your face. Driver: Thanks and God bless you. Dave: Please stop by the yellow storey building ahead. This is your money. Driver: Happy birthday oooo, boss man. God bless you so much. You are the don. Your enemies will never get you. You will be blessed with the very woman you wish to be with and.......... Dave: (With a frown on his face) Please stop right here and let me get down before you push me to take back my extra 5 Rands I willingly gave to you. The driver stops the car and Dave get down. He walks for some few meters before getting to his house. He stand still and stare at the gate as he recollects events of the day and how the cab driver nearly made him change his mind. Suddenly, a funny but interesting thought popped up on his mind. "I need to give myself a special treat even if Cassandra turned me down because it's my birthday. Manicure and pedicure on my birthday won't be bad. Let me put it on our WhatsApp platform and see if any of my comrades offer such services", he though. He brought his phone out of his pocket and unlocked it. He opened his WhatsApp app and over 5000 messages greeted him. All his comrades, family and loved ones had send him messages but he was too busy with Cassandra to even pay attention to his phone. He opened their political party WhatsApp group and searched through the 1000s of messages to see if Cassandra wished him a happy birthday there. After scrolling through the messages for about 5 minutes, he finally saw what he was looking for. He replied " thank you" to Cassandra's wish and ignored the rest. He then typed "any comrade into manicure and pedicure here? Link up". Benny saw the message and quickly sent Dave a private message that she's into manicure and pedicure. Dave told her that's it's his birthday and he wants to give himself a special treat. Dave: So how much will you take if you offer me your services at my place? Benny: I don't offer home service but will do this because it's your birthday. I will charge 50 Rands. Dave: We have a deal then. How long will it take you to get to the southern sector of Soweto from wherever you are? Benny: I am also in the southern sector so I can get there in the next 20 minutes. Dave: That's cool. Will send you the directions soon. Benny gets to Dave's place 18 minutes after he gave her the directions and sends Dave a message. Benny: I am at your gate. Dave: Will be there in a giffy. Dave opens the gate to see a beautiful fair lady in a hot mini skirt with a hot top showing parts of her stomach to march. To be continued......

Story by: Sincetete



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