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Tales From My Backyard; Musings Of A Probationer

Dedicated to the reader, may you learn from it. My two part musings.

I’m not writing to court public affection or to malign anyone. I’m writing this because I feel heavy and bitter. The only way I can let go of these is to pour it out.

June 8, 2020 will go down as one of those days I’ll never forget. When I cast my mind back, to this day, I feel betrayed, lied to, used and dumped. Let me take you on a journey back to how it all started.

Somewhere in 2018, I had the opportunity to work as a probationer in a big firm. I was required to do this for 3 months then I go back to school to graduate.

After the 3 months I stayed on without renewing my offer. Why did I stay? I had graduated from school and like it’s typical in this country there were no jobs readily available. Mind you I was not receiving a salary or any incentive except some occasional tips from the big guys in there.

Trust me it’s a fun place to be just that there are some ‘demons’ that frustrate you once in a while. But I did enjoy working there. I had the opportunity to learn and work with and under some of the most amazing people you’ll ever find.

People who readily understand your plight and strive to make you feel welcomed yet there where others, oh mine! These other people need repentance. Close to a year in there, I was approached by a senior manager with an offer. I was being moved from my department to another department to fill an impending void.

This offer required I understudy the person I was about replacing for sometime. But I hardly learn from people, I learn the basics and figure the rest out. This offer also required that a payment plan would be activated so at least I get some coins.

My joy knew no bounds because at least I could finally buy my darling Afia some gifts and take her out… Lol.. Love nuh catch you before?

It so happened that I moved into this new role a day after I was directed. Yeah I know it was fast, and trust me, it wasn’t easy. Being in that seat brought me lots of pain.

Aside the daily insults and having to clear people’s mess, I battled health issues as a result of the stress. But through it all I worked dutifully, discharging all my tasks with excellence.

Days turned into weeks and into months and I still didn’t receive any allowance or salary. I kept going to my boss but still nothing. After a while I stopped. Yes! Why should I literally beg for what I deserved?! Call it poor and proud, I don’t care.

One day I had a call from the guys at HR that I should submit my bank account details. Jesu! I’m about to earn my salary. Mind you this was an account that had been dormant for God knows how long….. I had to go through another stress of reviving it.

After submitting the bank details, days turned into weeks and into months and nothing came. I became fed up and discouraged.

Often I felt like not going to work but I changed my mind when I saw a piece that said, “Work as if you are working for the Lord and not your boss”.

I must add the Lord had been merciful all these times. I lived as if I was earning a 10,000 Ghana cedi monthly salary.

It was only my close associates that knew I didn’t earn a dime! To date, some family members don’t believe me.

I kept going to work hoping one day a miracle would happen. I kept accommodating the insults hoping one day a genie would grant my wish of earning some money so I can ‘spread’ Afia my heartbeat. But still nothing. Need I say I had to show up on weekends once in a month.

I had a holiday shift I worked on as well.

For all these, I came home with empty pockets.

There have been days I’ve reported to work in the morning and closed late in the night.

Somedays I also slept at the office, yet when Afia asks for money, there was nothing, absolutely nothing to give the LOML.

For the times I was insulted and my competency questioned, I received no salary.

For those rainy days I took Uber to work, I received no allowance or salary.

For the periods I felt discouraged yet I picked myself up and went to work, I got nothing at the end of the month.

I’m hurt, pained and bitter!

Part 2 coming up shortly!!

Editor’s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any similarities to persons living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Source: Nii Okantah Ankrah Jnr

Disclaimer: The above write-up is solely words put together by the writer, ThinkNewsOnline can not be held responsible for any maligning.