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"Strive For Excellence And Stop Publishing False Stories" - Stash Grey To Ghanaian Bloggers

The Founder and Managing Editor of TMGH Live, a Ghanaian Entertainment News Hub, Seth Dey known by many as Stash Grey has challenged fellow bloggers to strive for excellence and stop publishing false stories on their news portal(s).

According to him, although bad news generates traffic and clicks, it also tarnishes the hard-earned image of the victim.

In an interview with, Stash Grey said "When the news comes, although it is breaking, do not be in a hurry to publish first. Look at getting quality content across. Strive for excellence instead of striving for numbers"

Mr. Dey made these known following Shattawale's post on Facebook saying he will ensure a blogger is placed behind bars this year in order to learn how to be professional.

The celebrated young blogger also alluded to the fact that Nigerian bloggers are indeed supporting their own as compared to their Ghanaian counterparts.

Mr. Dey further noted that if a blogger is used as a scapegoat, it will serve as a warning to others who are bent on spreading false news of celebrities for traffic.

He said "I agree with Shattawale. The headlines some bloggers use do not correlate with their write-ups. Some bloggers ignore the process of doing their due diligence but rather prefer to put out something which is not solid"

"Some bloggers must apply common sense. The image tarnishing is one too many. Stop peddling lies about Ghanaian Artists"

"It is about time we need to know when to polish the kind of articles that goes out. If it is negative and it is the truth, nobody cares but if it is just a mere rumour without any iota of evidence or truth, it must not be published"

Below is a picture:

Story by: Joshua Kwabena Smith



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